Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Mustapha Ismail, Performance Lead, Spark Foundry

Campaign’s Media Faces to Watch 2021 —Mustapha Ismail, Performance Lead, Spark Foundry

Age: 28

Nominated by Abeer Lizzaik, Associate Business Director, Spark Foundry

Mustapha has been working on the operational side of my team for the past 2 years almost. His technical knowledge and social media performance experience has made him the most reliable to deliver quality work and recommendations within my portfolio of clients. A few months ago we were lucky to have Mustapha join the Dubai team as an embedded Performance Lead to work closely with the planning team and clients. This was also a commitment from us to grow Mustapha’s great knowledge into a strategic role within the agency as he brings products, solutions and consults on business performance.


A dedicated and motivated Marketing graduate, I joined Publicis 4 years ago as a Performance Specialist. Throughout my career, I was lucky to be exposed to a wide range of verticals (Retail, Tourism, Banking, Real Estate, FMCG). Being a result-oriented person, I ensure transforming clients’ goals into results. Soon enough, this was highlighted during my first year with Yas Marina Circuit. With the team’s effort and my acquired experience within Publicis, we generated 30% more sales with a decrease in cost. I also have the opportunity to share my advanced knowledge in this field with new joiners as part of the GDD Training Academy at Publicis. A few months ago,  I moved to Dubai where I was given new responsibilities beyond social media for MAF and Lenovo. I now manage clients, supplier, and internal communications within the search, programmatic and social scope.

Guiding principles

Knowledge is not born with us; it is acquired through learning and experience.

I believe that passion accompanied by learning is the most important thing in someone’s growth and when learning stops, so does your growth. In a continuously evolving industry, one should always seek knowledge about market updates, trends, and news so that they do not fall behind and lose track. Having a passion for what you do gives you the motivation to keep learning. I think that a person’s best teacher is the person himself. Always be eager to learn, always be curious to know what is happening around you, and never be shy to ask anything because nobody knows everything.

How has Covid changed your job?

Covid has been a game-changer in my professional life. During these uncertain times, I had to use my adaptability and responsiveness to meet clients expectations. This work-from-home period has taught me to elaborate on my thoughts and clearly communicate with my team virtually.

Side hustle

I’m a normal guy, an early bird, who likes to make people smile.

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