Campaign’s Marketing Strategies event is back!

We’re back with Campaign’s Breakfast Briefing: Gaming, content, brand loyalty and more.

This event features key insights, latest trends shaping the gaming industry, and networking opportunities.

Industry experts will come together to discuss the evolving world of marketing, loyalty strategies and gaming, including topics such as innovative campaigns, enriched influencer partnerships, immersive gaming experiences, and omni-channel sponsored content.

Get a glimpse of what’s in store: Here’s an exclusive sneak peek of our event video from last year

Highlights from last year’s event included engaging panel discussions with industry experts providing insights on the worlds of CTV advertising, hyper-personalised consumer engagement and brand safety among other trending marketing topics.

Join us this year at 8:00 am at Taj Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai on Friday 19th April 2024.

The event kicks off with a networking breakfast offering the chance to connect with a diverse range of creative professionals, brands, and agencies.

Followed by one insightful keynote presentation and two panels by industry experts on how brands enrich media plans by integrating ads within gaming environments and building loyalty strategies, to name a few.

Event Agenda

08:00am: Registration & Breakfast

9:00am: Welcome speech by Nadeem Quraishi, Publisher at Campaign Middle East

9:05am: Chair’s opening remarks by Justin Harper, Editor at Campaign Middle East

9:10am: Keynote presentation – Crafting consumer connections through content 

Shaking up the content game, the speakers will explore examples of how brands can elevate their connections with consumers by leveraging positive provocation and the latest innovations. It will delve into the brand’s thinking behind three Mentos campaigns. The speakers will demonstrate how, with enriched influencer partnerships, immersive gaming experiences, and omni channel sponsored content, brands can go beyond to deliver on the expectations of the always-on consumer.

Vikrant Shetty, Head of Content at GroupM MENA
Bernat Cobera Vidiella, Marketing Manager at Perfetti Van Melle MENA

9:30am: Panel 1: Are you playing attention? 

All eyes are on Gaming.

There are over three billion gamers worldwide tuned into virtual landscapes and with a market that is projected to be worth $320 billion by 2026, advertisers are increasingly interested in tapping into gaming as a media channel. However, the gaming space is intricate, and marketers must navigate through a slew of ad formats, contrasting environments, tight-knit communities, and creative decisions to best achieve their marketing objectives.

This panel discussion will delve into the various entry points to the gaming space from live-streaming, to rewarded video, and intrinsic in-game environments, and how each can be used to augment media plans. Learn from some brands who are leading in this field on the opportunities to enrich media plans by integrating ads within gaming environments, and the latest from Twitch on the exceptional viewability and attention that gaming can garner for brands and advice for advertisers on getting it right by vetting suitability and ensuring seamless integration.


Moderator: Alex Jena, Head of Strategy & Product, dentsu MENA
Ahmad Chatila, Director of Brand and Communication, Hungerstation
Omar Katerji, Media & Digital Lead, Ferrero
Camilla Gutteridge, Snr Sales Account Executive – Gaming lead, Amazon Ads

10:00am: Q&As

10:05am: Panel 2 – Deepening connections: Elevating loyalty in the digital age

In an era where consumer attention spans are shorter than ever, and loyalty is up for grabs, how do brands cut through the noise to foster genuine long-term connections? This panel highlights the evolving landscape of loyalty strategies, with a nod to how gamification can serve as a complementary tool to enhance customer engagement and promote brand loyalty. Experts will explore the essence of what truly drives customer loyalty today—going beyond traditional rewards to forge genuine relationships and community among users. Join the panel to explore how to nurture deeper connections with your audience, ensuring your brand remains relevant and memorable in the competitive digital marketplace.

10:35am: Q&As

10:40am: Closing comments by Justin Harper, Editor, Campaign Middle East

10:45am: Networking session

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