Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Preeti Laungani, Marketing Manager, Z5X Global FZ LLC (Zee Entertainment)

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Preeti Laungani, Marketing Manager, Z5X Global FZ LLC (Zee Entertainment)

Age: 30

Nominated by Finniey Benjamin, Associate Marketing Director – Immediate Supervisor

Preeti has been on my team for close to two years now. Her energy levels and enthusiasm towards completing projects at hand, speak practically about her being a go-getter and a dynamo. I remember asking her to find me someone like her because her potential shone through.

While she proactively takes lead, she also understands the importance of teamwork. Her biggest asset is that she never wants to stop learning. Taking courses, interacting with different teams to understand the working of her job and its appendages, she wants to know as much as possible to ensure her and the brand’s growth.


A journalist by degree, I started by covering the blasts in Mumbai during my internship with NDTV. Broke into marketing with luxury brands (Audi & Porsche), acting Marketing Head at 22, I moved to fashion with Splash and Iconic, spending 6 years being a marketer & creative brand strategist. Then introduced to the world of media & content five years ago, I started my journey with Zee. Having to set up & change identity for a brand with a heritage,106.2 Big FM, brought & kept the station at #1 position through my tenure. Seized the opportunity of taking up regional marketing for ZEE5, making digital dynamism my future!

Guiding principles

Break the Rules. Trying a little harder every day to blur lines and encourage sheer creativity in an industry that is extremely dynamic. I live to work, and am one of the privileged few who do for a living what they love (and breaking barriers doing it!).

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

It made me realize the power of content, & ways to connect without having the means to. To have to explore ideas and concepts which were not previously done, to create human and humane networks, to work with little to no budgets, work without being defined by ‘work time’.

Side hustle

I have two at the moment, one is to constantly educate myself. Taking up two courses at INSEAD to learn digital strategies and AI. The other is marketing and strategizing my mother’s start-up brand to ensure a stable product in the long run. Formats change, hustle stays.

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