Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Bader Al Hajjaj, Digital Marketing Manager, Hyundai Motor Company MEA

Campaign’s Faces to Watch, Brand Edition 2021 – Bader Al Hajjaj, Digital Marketing Manager, Hyundai Motor Company MEA

Age: 29

Nominated by Mohammad Badwan, Head of Marketing (Line Manager)

Enthusiasm, eagerness to learn and adaptability have helped Bader hit the ground running. In no time, he has made himself a vital part of the team. He’s a true team player as he goes above and beyond for his team. Bader takes a customer-centric and data-driven approach to solve problems. He continually amazes me with his creativity while working with partners to create result-oriented digital campaigns. Bader is currently owning multiple digital campaigns across MEA. I know that he will continue to grow to become a marketing leader in the region.


I am passionate about everything digital and late afternoon snacks. My focus is to always merge the practice of creative digital strategy with seamless customer experience and provide experiences that make people excited and hopefully happier. Pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo will forever be my MO.

Throughout my career across various industries, I have learned to not only transfer my skills but continue to upskill myself and apply those learnings. The art of localizing communication through the understanding of the ever-changing consumer behaviour has helped me to successfully manage multi-million-dollar campaigns across MEA.

I also had the privilege of being a mentor at the Ministry of Finance’s ‘Innovation Festival’ where I shared my learnings with the attendees.

Guiding principles

The answer to the question “What would you do if you had 12 hours and money was not a concern?” is what guides me on my journey in the digital marketing space. The power of self-awareness, empathy and accountability of my actions is what guides me in life.

How has Covid-19 changed your job?

It raised quite a few challenges but I saw it as an opportunity to adapt and disrupt the status quo. I was able to innovate and take a new approach in delivering a deeper focus on customer experience and digital-first campaigns. It has also enriched the spirit of teamwork and collaboration. There’s a lot of positive, it’s a matter of perspective.

Side hustle

A purpose-driven societal hustle of helping small businesses establish and grow their digital presence. I’m also working on a creative NFT project; using a physical art piece that visually encapsulates the subjects’ visuals matched with a sound that reflects the subjects’ state of mind.

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