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Campaign’s Faces to Watch 2020 – call for nominations

Up-and-coming young talent across Creative, Digital, Media and PR agencies will be identified

Campaign Middle East is planning its Faces to Watch issues for April and May 2020. This is where we highlight up-and-coming young talent across four disciplines: Creative, Digital, Media and PR.

We profile rising stars – mainly within agencies, but some client-side – aged 30 and under who look set to lead and shape the industry in years to come. We are reaching out for nominations for the list. We can’t promise inclusion of everyone who is nominated, but we will do our best.

Please send us your nominations by March 22, 2020 at the latest. And feel free to pass on this email within your organisation, and among your other contacts, to encourage nominations from across the industry. Please don’t nominate more than three people per agency.

The information we require for each nomination are:

  1. Is this person nominated for creative, media, PR or digital? (Please pick only one).
  2. Name of nominee (Nominees must not have appeared in previous Campaign Faces to Watch lists in any category)
  3. High-res photograph (of the person alone, not in a group)
  4. Job title
  5. Age (on 5 April, 2020 – must be 30 or under to be eligible)
  6. Who is nominating this person (must be senior management within their company, and that manager can only nominate one person)
  7. From the nominator, why are they nominating this person? (under 100 words. Some reasons for nomination might be what they have contributed to the company, to their clients or the industry. If you can give specific examples, this is better than generic ones.)
  8. From the nominee
    1. (under 100 words) Highlights of your career path so far. Previous roles, awards won, etc. (It’s only highlights, so feel free to leave out the more mundane bits)
    2. (25 words) Guiding principle(s) and who you learned it/them from
    3. What would your dream job be (apart from the current one, of course)
    4. (50 words) Side hustle (More and more people have side projects – for passion or profit. What’s yours? And how did you get into it?)

Please send your nominations to [email protected]by 22 March 2020, latest. For any partnership queries in this special issue please email [email protected] or call +971-50-6453365.