Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Thea Yazbek, Social Media Executive, TBWA\RAAD

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Thea YazbekSocial Media ExecutiveTBWA\RAAD

Age: 25

Nominated by Tony KayoukaHead of Social and Content:
Thea is the go-getter in our social media team. She jumps right in, leading the charge and finding solutions on the spot. A team player through and through, she effortlessly blends with diverse personalities. Always in tune with the latest trends, she infuses her campaigns with a fresh, innovative edge.

Career highlights
From being submerged in the world of clinical psychology to a sudden 180 into social media, I started my advertising journey less than a year ago, quickly jumping into a dynamic environment and learning the ins-and-outs of social media. My newly found passion for this field, as well as the opportunities TBWA\RAAD has given me, drove my creativity to lengths I didn’t know I could reach.

Guiding principles
Hunger, integrity and collaboration are the 3 principles I value the most. “Be patient, but be hungry” – I like to remind myself to continue going after experiences that help me grow. I also truly believe that integrity drives rich relationships with colleagues and clients, leading to effective collaboration.

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