Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Muhammad Saqib Saeed, Motion Graphics and Videographer, Hashtag Social Media Agency

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Muhammad Saqib SaeedMotion Graphics and VideographerHashtag Social Media Agency

Age: 25

Nominated by Urmila NandanArt Director:
Saqib has shown incredible growth since he joined Hashtag, both from his quality of work and his leadership skills. Working with Saqib is a delight as he is always solution oriented and spreads positive energy around him. We want to see his continued growth and what he is capable of achieving.

Career highlights

From dreaming of self-sufficiency to leading confidently, my journey has been a rollercoaster. I started small, rose to head the videography department in 1.5 years, and overcame COVID-19’s impact to secure a role with 5x more responsibility and 10x growth. Competing against more experienced peers, I became Video Head in 2.5 years. Seeking new challenges, I took a leap of faith in moving to Dubai, where I quickly became a valuable and reliable member of Hashtag and ready to take the challenge in order to make more improvements.

Guiding principles

In all aspects of my life, I adhere to the guiding principle of ‘Kaizen,’ a Japanese philosophy advocating continuous improvement. I strive to find innovative ways to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, making tasks simpler and more impactful for the future. Moreover, I embrace failure as an opportunity for growth, ensuring that setbacks do not deter my pursuit of excellence.

Side hustle

In my quest to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI field, I am dedicated to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest technologies. Concurrently, I actively support my brothers in their business ventures, balancing my passion for technology with a commitment to family entrepreneurship.

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