Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Mohamad Kayed, Project Manager, Boopin

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Mohamad KayedProject ManagerBoopin

Age: 25

Nominated by Zeena KurdGeneral Manager:
Mohamad has quickly become the powerhouse behind any social media and content project at Boopin. His reliable and professional characteristics make him the ideal person to oversee projects from start to finish whilst ensuring the delivered quality is always up to par and beyond – not to mention the positive and supportive attitude at an “always-on” rate. I personally admire working with Mohamad and look forward to what he can achieve very soon!

Career highlights

With valuable experience obtained through the past 4 years, Mohamad has been able to outshine in the field by enhancing his skills as a dynamic Project Manager, with extensive experience in client servicing and project management.

Mohamad is a highly organized professional who excels in building relationships with clients that allows him to deliver top results through his management and coordination skills.

Guiding principles

Understanding the end goal of each brand or client and reverse-engineering back to the starting point to make sure all ends meet accurately and towards the ultimate objective.

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