Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Marie-Line Hindi, Senior Designer, Digitas UAE

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Marie-Line HindiSenior DesignerDigitas UAE

Age: 29

Nominated by Nour Abou AlwanBusiness Lead – Experience:
Marie-Line is an exceptional talent who brings a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and innovation to every project she touches. Her passion for digital design is only matched by her dedication to understanding and connecting with users across generations. With a keen eye for quirky designs and a green thumb for nurturing both pixels and plants, Marie-Line embodies the spirit of creativity and growth. Her ability to craft impactful digital experiences, coupled with her continuous drive for learning and improvement, makes her a standout candidate.

Career highlights

Marie-Line’s journey is a whirlwind of wanderlust and pixels. With an eye for quirky designs and a penchant for understanding users across generations, she’s akin to a digital anthropologist. Joining Digitas a couple of years ago, she continuously seeks to blend her design prowess with advanced marketing techniques to craft impactful digital experiences. Her journey is one fueled by curiosity, creativity, and a dash of eccentricity, all aimed at creating a future where pixels pop, brands bop, and users can’t help but click with a smile.

Guiding principles

Marie-Line’s designs unfold to the beat of curiosity, empathy, and innovation. She embracing continuous learning and sees the world through quirky lenses. At Digitas, she’s on a mission to craft digital experiences that spark joy, surprise, and a dose of awe.

Side hustle

Amidst pixels, Marie-Line is a plant whisperer who finds zen in nurturing her green tribe. With 23 leafy pals in her apartment, it’s a quirky botanical sanctuary nestled in the heart of her digital world.

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