Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Mariane El Am, Senior Media Executive, Spark Foundary KSA

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Mariane El AmSenior Media ExecutiveSpark Foundary KSA

Age: 26

Nominated by Zain KhanAssociate Business Director:
Mariane is an exceptional colleague, highly recommended for Campaign ME’s Faces to Watch 2024. Her passion for work is unparalleled, driving her to deliver consistently outstanding results. Mariane’s fast learning ability is commendable, enabling her to quickly adapt to new tools and strategies. Her readiness to tackle any challenge thrown her way is inspiring, making her an invaluable asset to any venture. Her commitment to excellence is sure to propel her to new heights in the digital media landscape.

Career highlights

Everything I love I overdo, and that simply describes my passion towards media. I entered this field with a BS in Marketing, then decided to dig deeper into the digital side of it by pursuing a Data Science and Digital Marketing MSc at EMLyon Business School in Paris. With the great urge to apply everything I learnt along academically, I paved into the Programmatic field, and spent 2.5 years between Junior and then Senior Programmatic Executive, and now I have hopped on a new journey with more client facing experience as a Senior Media Executive in Riyadh.

Guiding principles

“Kaizen” is a Japanese practice of continuous improvement and growth, and that is the principle I work by. Being it from the people around me, from my own personal efforts, or from life itself, I aim at achieving 1% growth everyday and spreading that mindset around me.

Side hustle

Growth is my side hustle, and that is on 2 levels: Physical and Mental. At a mental level, I constantly work on learning new things, new products, new innovations, and widening my general knowledge. At a physical level, I am a huge sports enthusiast and a Zumba instructor.

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