Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Maria Korban, Content Manager, FP7 McCann

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Maria KorbanContent ManagerFP7 McCann

Age: 28

Nominated by Ibrahim HasanSocial Media Director:
She’s more than a team member; she’s a catalyst for change in our office. Maria’s exceptional skills and collaborative approach have redefined teamwork here. Her leadership in managerial roles has set a new standard, inspiring us all to strive for greatness. She’s a true asset to our team.

Career highlights

From collaborating on TV shows with MBC to influencer management at Hue Management, My journey reflects my passion for exploring new horizons. Currently excelling in social strategies and campaigns at FP7, I’ve been instrumental in driving Subway’s robust social presence. MY innovative approach has garnered Effie nominations and earned Subway a coveted TikTok case study. With two master’s degrees under my belt, my dedication to learning and adaptability has benefited me in this ever-changing digital landscape.

Guiding principles

I believe in constantly improving and refining my craft, striving for excellence in every project I undertake. By staying focused on delivering top-notch results and staying abreast of industry trends, I aim to make a tangible impact in the world of digital marketing.

Side hustle

I’m fueled by my love for travel and new experiences/challenges. So I’m either diving into entrepreneurial ventures, or travelling with friends to learn and embrace new cultures

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