Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Kimi Manosca, Measurement Analyst, Acquisit

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Kimi ManoscaMeasurement AnalystAcquisit

Age: 29

Nominated by Web Analytics & Measurement DirectorAhmed Abubaker:
I strongly recommend Kimi for this award because of his excellent work, dedication, and positive influence on our team. His amazing ability to analyze data, along with his hard work and willingness to work together, make him incredibly valuable. Kimi’s passion for using data to make decisions and his talent for turning complex plans into executable suggestions make him truly worthy of recognition.

Career highlights

Kimi has consistently showcased remarkable expertise in data analysis, measurement planning, and problem-solving as a Measurement Analyst. His adeptness with tools like Google Analytics, GTM, and Adjust has empowered him to deliver invaluable insights pivotal in steering strategic decisions for both our teams and clients. Notably, Kimi’s recent accomplishment of attaining the Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer certificate underscores his commitment to excellence and proficiency in leveraging advanced analytics solutions.

Guiding principles

Kimi’s guiding principles revolve around accuracy, honesty, and always learning. He carefully examines every analysis, making sure it’s based on solid data and methods. His commitment to staying informed about new trends and technologies shows how he actively works on improving his skills.


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