Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Jana Haddad, Senior Executive Performance, OMD

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2024 – Jana HaddadSenior Executive PerformanceOMD

Age: 30

Nominated by Jessica MachalaniBusiness Unit Director:Jana has constantly proven how smart and talented she is. She has aced every role, project and training that she was given within and out of her scope, which make her a role model. What stands out in Jana is her curiosity and hunger to learn which give her a the fuel she needs to continue growing. Another thing that she stands out for are her problem solving skills. Her knowledge and experience alongside her determined character give her the right ammunition she needs to solve the toughest problems and find the solution to move things forward.

Career highlights

Jana is a performance marketer with an engineering background. A passionate learner with experiences across industries, Jana is highly skilled in analysis, reporting, and forecasting. Jana was awarded the ‘Rising Star of the year 2023’ for her contributions to OMD. She pioneered the implementation of a new AI tool to streamline operations for in-house campaigns. Jana’s awarded OMG MENA as a Google Marketing Platform Partner for DV360 through a comprehensive 44-page case study. Demonstrating her expertise, Jana secured the first position out of more than 60 participants in MENA for the OMEGA Amazon program.

Guiding principles

Therapy, Acceptance, Connection & Growth are my guiding principles. I resonate with “private victories precede public victories, making and keeping promises to ourselves precede making and keeping promises to others.” [The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People] I believe in prioritizing character over personality and continuously strives for self-improvement.

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