Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 — Fawzan Riaz Ahmed, Digital Analytics Executive, Reprise Digital MENA

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2021 —Fawzan Riaz Ahmed, Digital Analytics Executive, Reprise Digital MENA

Age: 23

Nominated by Alan Azar, Regional Director, Reprise Digital MENA

Fawzan launched his career in the middle of a global pandemic, and despite the business & personal challenges we all faced, he demonstrated immense focus and determination to get trained and certified with all our key partners and to take part in our MarTech & analytics engagements with clients.

His commitment, focus and attention to detail have contributed to our success as an agency in working with our clients.

He has already proven to be one of our rising stars at Reprise MENA Digital and we are incredibly proud to have him on our team.


I graduated in September 2019 and started my journey as a digital analyst with an internship role and then a full-time role by March 2020 at Reprise MENA Digital. Surrounded by professionals with multiple years of experience in the field, I was fortunate to receive mentorship in marketing analytics. I conducted web analytics & MarTech implementations, data engineering using the Google Cloud Platform & data visualization across several tools.

Guiding principles

Stoicism & practicality. These two words could give someone the idea of a person that is not so ambitious. That does not apply to me, I am ambitious. Yet, I am not attracted to luxury or other materialistic gains even though I understand why some people might be. I’d like to lead a virtuous life by being good and accepting whatever comes my way. Ambition leads to a life of risk, failure, and criticism which puts one’s practice of stoicism to test.

How has Covid changed your job?

One week after I started full-time at Reprise there was an announcement from our group’s management that we were to work from home starting on that day. I was given the challenge of working at home from almost the beginning of my career. In terms of change, I feel as though there were both benefits & challenges. Given that most of our work only requires a laptop and a good Wi-Fi connection (I use ethernet!) working at home took only a few days to adapt to aside from all the occasional silly things that occur on teams calls as they do.

Side hustle

In my second year of university, I had started my e-commerce store via dropshipping products. It was the first time I was able to get hands-on experience with web development & digital marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Ad words, organic search & Google analytics). A year later that project had to be halted as we had started incurring losses and we ended up at breakeven. Currently, my additional stream of income is selling options on the NYSE stock market.

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