Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Wael Zeidan, Senior business director, Teads MENA

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Wael Zeidan, Senior business director, Teads MENA

Age: 30

Julien Cavailles, regional commercial director, Teads MENA: Wael is a remarkable professional, driven by exceptional engagement and commitment to the tasks he sets for himself. Joining Teads in 2017, he has delivered a major contribution in building Saudi operations. His constructive approach to business and results-oriented mindset allowed him to evolve from business manager to senior business director, leading our KSA offices, in three years. He is now playing a key role in tutoring our new joiners. Set aside the quality performance, he is a constant enthusiastic team member you enjoy evolving around.

Career highlights

After a career start in OOH Media, I have rapidly felt the need to challenge myself in a fast-evolving industry. Digital media was the ideal match for such a shift in mindset. My role at Teads allowed me both to acquire my initial set of digital skills while exploring business building in a major Gulf market.

Guiding principles

Don’t fold simply because of the risk of failure.

I push past difficulties with tenacity, and it only renews my motivation. Demonstrating resilience is what keeps me driven. I always keep a positive mindset, see the full picture and act past it. I would not hold a single mentor, I rather believe you learn from everyone.

On the other end, I am now heading towards new challenges, tutoring new joiners, fostering a winning team spirit and promoting an environment that allows personal growth and development.

I can say with full honesty the principles I mentioned above were passed on to me by every person I have crossed paths with in my career so far.

Dream job

My dream job is one that takes me to business unmapped destinations, offers me a balanced lifestyle, and opportunity for uncapped challenges.

Side hustle

Traveling is what I enjoy the most. Loads of territories yet to be visited, all pinned on a list. Meeting people with drastically different backgrounds is the most rewarding part about it. I cherish the idea that traveling made me humble, modest and allowed me to enjoy different perspectives on challenges.


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