Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Scott Campbell, Digital and content consultant, Apco Worldwide Bahrain

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Scott Campbell, Digital and content consultant, Apco Worldwide Bahrain

Age: 24

Jolyon Kimble, General Manager, Apco Worldwide Bahrain: There are lots of people who understand digital but there are fewer who can complement a high level of technical digital skill with a strong news sense, tight writing skills, and well-developed understanding of the PR craft. Scott’s background in journalism and curiosity about wider current affairs help him bring an extra dimension to client service. He spent his university years in newsrooms and this means he has accelerated experience – recently he has broken down the key performance statistics of a client’s social channels in order to shape a new digital strategy, and invigorated a new, standalone content unit.

Career highlights

I passed time as a teenager by pitching stories to newspapers and working assignments for Getty Images, then as soon as school was finished I joined the Daily Telegraph’s business desk in London reporting on stories around the world. After a year I moved to another national newspaper to launch their overnight breaking news operation, and freelanced at the Daily Mirror, MailOnline and ITV News. Eventually I ended up at Time Out magazine in Dubai, overhauling the digital strategy and delivering double-digit organic growth. Now, I’m bringing some of that editorial thinking to Apco on a range of accounts.

Guiding principles

Coming into the world of communications, I’ve learned that while having your own experience is important, it’s much more valuable when supplemented and shaped by the knowledge of those around you.

Dream job

I’m lucky that my current role lets me do bits of five different jobs in one – so it would be difficult to pick something else. That being said, I’ve always dreamed of doing PR behind the scenes at a music festival – if not only to shout things into a walkie-talkie.

Side hustle

I run a few small Facebook pages and websites to keep up with the latest trends and run social media/SEO experiments. They cover the most random topics, but it’s a good way to stay current in a fast-changing digital world.


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