Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Sarine Kroghlian, TAAG executive, Publicis Media MENA

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Sarine Kroghlian, TAAG executive, Publicis Media MENA

Age: 24

Jade El Hajjar, senior executive, TAAG, Publicis Media MENA: Sarine has an exceptional character, is a knowledge addict and a problem solver, always thinking outside the box and is known to attract others through her positivity. When Sarine joined Publicis Media, she was an incredibly quick learner and was able to fully handle her client with minimal support and has earned the respect of her direct and indirect teams. Sarine’s problem-solving skills are not limited to her scope only; her desire to always learn further has pushed her to help other departments with their own issues. When big automation projects were thrown her way, even without prior knowledge, she was quick to learn the required skills and pushed to apply the different solutions. To sum it up, Sarine has proven that there’s no issue without a solution; you just need the right mindset and an efficient action plan.

Career highlights

I joined Publicis Media team as a media executive in TAAG with an academic background in Mechanical Engineering. I am responsible for a vast client portfolio in the European market including Lenovo, Motorola and Bouygues telecoms company. I’m always trying to find ways to incorporate my knowledge in programming to automate some of my daily tasks. I also gained the trust of my lead to play a key role in teaching new-joiners of the TAAG team. I’m always eager to learn more and love a good challenge; maybe that’s why my teammates call me a “cool nerd”.

Guiding principles

The person I look up to the most is my manager, Jade el Hajjar, who keeps on pushing me to give my best. He’s taught me more than TAAG, by guiding me to overcome tough situations.

Dream job

I’d love to get the chance to be an aircraft engine’s engineer someday. The details that go into this are very fascinating for me

Side hustle

On the side, whenever I’m not gaming or reading, I do some freelance work like technical drawings as well as give piano and science courses.


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