Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Khuloud Khalid, Account manager, Apco Wordwide

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Khuloud Khalid, Account manager, Apco Wordwide

Age: 30

Andrea Dsouza, senior account manager, Apco Dubai: Khuloud joined Apco Worldwide in 2019 as an account manager. Throughout her journey, Khuloud has worked on major social media and digital campaigns including strategy, content creation, community management and influencers. In four months Khuloud was able to work on global and regional projects. Thanks for her innovative thinking she was able accomplish them successfully. Her first project was with the MEP – KSA Expo 2020 Dubai, she also supported on the UNESCO campaign, where Saudi Arabia won membership to UNESCO’s executive board. Now she is working on the G20 engagements groups U20 and C20. On a personal level, Khuloud owns an online chocolate business. She makes unique chocolate sculptures and showcase her work on Instagram, she delivers to three cities across the kingdom. This has helped her understand the digital audience and their needs.

Career highlights

I started my career by establishing my own online small business of chocolate where I spent three years working on it and growing it across the kingdom. I followed some digital strategies and influencer marketing and expanded in three cities.

My second experience was working for a multinational French IT consulting company in Paris, where I learned most of the corporate digital work and social media tools and analytics.

I worked for a leading Saudi company managing their brands online. I engaged with local influencers and managed to make a profit of SAR 1m in four days through a Tweet with only SAR 6,000 through an influencer.

I also ran similar campaigns for different events and with different influencers.

Guiding principles

We shouldn’t be afraid of technology, AI, the new revolution; instead learn how to be on top of technology. The e-commerce industry is an example; people thought physical shops would be closed and they will lose their jobs, but what we see today is the opposite: more jobs were created to handle and manage those e-commerce businesses. The dean of my business school taught me that.

Dream job

My dream job, apart from opening my own physical chocolate shop, is to work with influencers. I’d like to build a big network of influencers and manage influencer campaigns for different clients.

Side hustle

My side project is a small online chocolate business, and my biggest challenge is that I make the chocolates myself. Everything is handmade, and this requires a lot of time and dedication. My passion for art and history, especially the Victorian era, brought the chocolate business idea into reality.


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