Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Insiya Sahana, Strategy and business head, DViO Digital

Campaign’s Digital Faces to Watch 2020 – Insiya Sahana, Strategy and business head, DViO Digital

Age: 26

Sowmya Iyer, founder and CEO, DViO Digital: Insiya Sahana is arguably the finest talent we have in the world of digital marketing today. At 25 years of age, she is blessed with the traits and skills so critical for any aspiring professional to process to be able to make a difference to the brands and people managed and climb the corporate ladder to a leadership position. These are her positive attitude to taking on challenges, keenness to learn, ability to quickly adapt and find solutions, good interpersonal skills and exceptional presentation ability. Her achievements include building the digital presence of fashion brands of the Apparel Group, including their flagship brand Aldo. She has harnessed the creative and tech talent effectively to create some of the finest campaigns across sectors. And she has driven the new business efforts of DViO Digital and making it one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in the region.

Career highlights

In my six fulfilling years as a digital marketer, I have worked with DViO for the last five years, being fortunate in working closely a very inspiring leader, Sowmya Iyer.

Key highlights are:

1. Business operations

I joined as an account executive as the first employee of DViO Digital MENA. Today, we have more than 10 employees and over 40 clients. Creating campaigns, shoots, exploring media planning, SEO, keeping up with latest adtech/martech and now involved in expanding the business to different regions, I can assuredly say I have done it all.

2. Influencer marketing

Initiated the adoption of influencer marketing as a media channel for key high-street brands as early as 2015. Have collaborated with 250 influencers across the GCC to help brands achieve reach, engagement and performance KPIs.

3. Digital strategy, content strategy, creative and campaign planning

Features: Birkenstock product launch campaign. Campaign ME’s Top 10 digital campaigns of the year 2019.

4. Business development

Sustaining the current clients with credible work and results. Driving increasing revenue yearly by sustaining the current clients and closing potential business to help grow the overall business by three times in five years.

5. Subject expertise: content marketing

Creative thinking and content marketing is my core passion. Invited as a guest speaker at FAD Academy, UAE to speak on this topic.

Guiding principles

“Do what you say and say what you do” – Sowmya Iyer.

Especially in an agency, chasing deadlines, back and forth on feedback can often be chaotic. Giving realistic timelines, with updates on the task in every situation to the client, will always help the agency and the client to achieve their goals.

“If your work doesn’t feel like work anymore, you’re in the right life-direction.” – Inspiration from a well-wisher.

One needs to full of passion and enthusiasm every day. This does not only drive you with force but also your colleagues, your clients, everyone. Good energy is always contagious.

Dream job

With the power of digital channels and my passion for creating content, I would like to venture into rural marketing. I would love to create/ be a part of social campaigns, being able to make our digital channels accessible and known to everyone as I feel these channels are overused by the urban population and not fully accessed by the rural population. Working with refugees, rural tribes and climate change organisations, especially children, would be a dream and a small contribution towards our future.

Side hustle

I’m consulting two start-ups in India mainly for their marketing activities – right from budgeting to pre-launch, launch and post-launch of their business.

Keenly involved in the UI of the app, website experience, go-to market plan etc.

They are owned by my college friends, so for now, there’s no monetary compensation, just a lot of excitement to see the brands go live.

In the UAE, I occasionally consult a few blogger friends on their content strategy and how to adopt new platforms.


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