Nominated by Abeer Lizzaik, Associate Director, Digital, Spark Foundry
“I nominate George for the Faces to Watch 2019, as after his four years in the industry I can still see his first day’s excitement and eagerness to achieve and accomplish the latest digital trends and tech. In the past few years I’ve seen George grow his knowledge and tap into a variety of client portfolios, with a special interest in performance-based clients that measure direct ROI via their digital activity. In 2018 George has successfully sold four different digital tech services to the clients based on their needs. The services varied from data management to analytics. Today George manages a diversified portfolio within the MAF business, where he was able to grow his clients’ media activity four times into digital and tech. With his constant dedication to unlocking more tech and innovative ideas, I strongly believe that George will succeed in launching Voice Era or any other tech piece he shows interest in.”

Career path
“I started my career working at Mindshare in 2015, where winning gold at the MENA Digital Awards for performance work on HSBC and the GroupM Innovation Award for creativity on the PlayStation pitch were among my key achievements. In May 2018, I joined Spark Foundry, working on MAF and Lenovo, where I’m also a lead for Spark Culture, driving agency initiatives, and created ‘Sparknotes’, a weekly tech newsletter. On a group level, I sit on the Publicis Global Digital Standards Council and co-developed ‘Voice Era’, a strategy guide that helps clients navigate a voice-driven world.”

Guiding principles
Honesty. Truth should always be held in the highest regard. From it, professional relationships are built and strengthened.
Loyalty. In a client-centric world, teams need to stick together. This allows us to weather any challenge and drive excellence. It also means failing and learning together.
Passion. As new technologies disrupt our industry, we need to have a constant drive and desire to learn and do more than our job descriptions require.
These principles are fueled by my manager Abeer Lizzaik, who is a constant source of professional inspiration and leadership.