Nominated by Elias Saroufim, director of Exchange, head of digital, Mindshare KSA
“Throughout my career I have had the pleasure to meet and work with good and very good colleagues, Mohamad has proven himself to be a cut above the rest. Over the past 24 months he has fully blended into Mindshare’s culture and built internal relationships with his colleagues that redefined the way the Mindshare Saudi team works. He has the capability to gather the team around him in a motivated and productive way.”
“And he has proven his capabilities by having all his senior clients – the likes of Zain Saudia Arabia, Body Masters and Nova Water – ask for him personally to be involved on their business, leading internal and external partner meetings and managing their campaigns.”
“He deserves my nomination as, through perseverance and hard work, he managed to devise and implement a brand-new approach that culminated in the launch of an innovative and refreshed digital media strategy for Al Safi Danone in Saudi Arabia.”

Career path
“I always like to challenge myself. I believe that this is what got me where I am today. My career started as early as when I was 13 years old – which was my first summer job – to all the experiences that led me to receive my BSc in marketing. My first real corporate experience started as a marketing executive at a local B2B agency. This first exposure was the start of me climbing up the corporate ladder. What differentiated me from others is that I knew that the climb was going to be a slow one. So I took my time to be exposed to, learn and master all the skills required. The next stop was when I received my first opportunity in a global media agency. My base was solid, and I had the basics to navigate through this challenging role full of responsibilities. Client exposure, working alongside colleagues and managing publishers was my day-to-day. I felt equipped and at the same time was continuing to build my professional persona. After two and a half years, the Mindshare opportunity came along and I continued climbing the corporate ladder with more responsibilities, a bigger team to manage and a larger number of clients to lead.”

Guiding principles
Age is just a number.
Make sure you fall then rise again and stronger – that’s what shapes you.
If your workplace doesn’t feel like home, move on.