Nominated by Shadi Abdulhadi, founder and CEO, Boopin
“Kseniya is an artist, an explorer and a true perfectionist in her work. She is a marketing soul, having professional experience in leading brands in Social Media and TV advertisement. Always being able to find common grounds with clients and understand their vision, Kseniya excelled at customer relations, that was continuously noted by numerous satisfied clients. Keeping her focus on knowing the business within, Kseniya has been a successful leader of every project she worked on.”

Career path
“Being international is an aim of my career. During my professional path, I have been continuously developing the Marketing sphere around the world including UAE, Belarus, USA, Italy and Great Britain: as a Head of Social Media Department in a Creative Agency, as a Founder of Educational events platform for youth and as a Coordination Manager for a TV Advertisement innovative concept. I was honored to be a part of numerous international, educational and professional programs such as UGRAD World Learning – as a part of the US Embassy initiative and International charity organization CCLL- as a part of the UK Embassy initiative.”

Guiding principles
1) If you are the smartest person in the room – you are in the wrong room! – People are your biggest asset. Surround yourself with bright, outstanding professionals. Don’t be afraid to be outsmarted – LEARN!
2) Brainstorm non-stop – Our creativity is a real-life miracle. As humans we imagine, think, envision and dream – make this your super-power.
3) Don’t forget to have fun – No matter how responsible your work is, we spend our lives there. Enjoy what you do!