Call for listings in Campaign’s Influencer Marketing Guide 2023

Campaign Middle East will be publishing a new guide in the March 27th magazine issue covering social media influencer marketing . The Influencer Marketing Guide 2023 is a unique directory covering the agencies that work in the fast-paced eco-system of social media influencers.

Social media influencers have become an essential part of most brands’ marketing strategies, allowing them to tap into their followers’ trust and credibility to promote their products or services across platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube etc.

Influencer marketing agencies have now become a core pillar of the modern marketing landscape, connecting brands with the right influencers while supporting their social media campaigns. Social media influencer marketing services can vary wildly from project to project, and from agency to agency, making this guide essential reading to help you navigate this evolving sector.

The Influencer Marketing Guide 2023 is the perfect handbook for planners at agencies, clients and brands looking to work with key influencers and creators in the region. Each listing gives readers easy access to top-line information about each influencer marketing agencies such as ownership, description of the agency and its relationships with social media influencers among other useful information. For example, some agencies deal directly with influencers while others interact with them via their own agency.

This must-have guide will cut through the clutter and tell you what you need to know when embarking on a campaign involving social media influencers and creators.

We would also publish all the influencer marketing agencies listings in Campaign’s Online Directory, where each agency gets its own page like this, which they can regularly update with their latest news, work & details which helps you generate new leads and business. Annual subscription of agency listings in the Online Directory are currently bundled with the Influencer marketing agency guide in the magazine with the below partnership options:

Option 1 : Half Page listing:
This option gives your agency information that would include the below details in a half page format + an annual listing in the Online Directory

  1. Agency Name:
  2. Year founded:
  3. Parent company (if any):
  4. Regional head:
  5. Agency bio (max 50 words):
  6. Website:
  7. Phone numbers:
  8. Social media handles:
  9. Email:
  10. High Res Company logo:
  11. Key Clients:
  12. Awards won:
  13. Do you manage talent?
  14. Do you focus on specific sectors?
  15. What’s your best piece of advice for brands looking for social media influencers?
  16. Can you name a recent campaign involving social media influencers you are proud of?
  17. How do you measure the impact of a campaign?

Please ignore any of the above information if it’s irrelevant to your agency. The above details should be provided in max 400 words in a word document

Option 2 : Full Page listing:
This option would include the above Half Page listing and a Half Page on you top 10 Influencers + an annual listing in the Online Directory. Please send us the details of only 10 top  influencers you work with in the below format:

  1. Name of the Influencer / Social handle
  2. High res picture (Min 1mb size)
  3. Social Media Platform with number of followers
  4. Sector specific
  5. Engagement rate

Option 3 : Double Page Spread – Full Page Listing opposite a FP Advert / Case Study:
This Double Page option is the max impact option that includes a Full Page Advert/Infographic or Case study opposite the above Full Page listing + an annual listing in the Online Directory.

Option 4 : Cover Gold Sponsor of the Influencer Marketing Guide 2023.
This option places your agency as one of the main sponsors of the Guide with your logo on the Front Cover as a Gold Sponsor. This option also includes the above DPS listing + an annual listing in the Online Directory.

For details on the cost of the above options or any further queries, please contact Campaign’s Publisher Nadeem Quraishi at [email protected]

The deadline for confirming your partnership with the above options and sending us the listing information is 09th March 2023.