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Burger King asks people to look for its invisible ads

Credit: David Madrid

Burger King asked people to look for invisible ads in its latest campaign for Halloween.

Taking place across the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), the campaign kicked off with Burger King Spain’s handle, @burgerking_es, tweeting on the platform asking if people wanted to win free items?

To win these, all people had to do was take pictures of an invisible ad and post it with the hashtag #SometimesISeeBurger (#EnOcasionesVeoBurger in Spanish) and tag the food chain’s twitter account.

The campaign, coined the ghost campaign, was accompanied by the tag line, ‘Share invisible ads and win free food’. The campaign was created and conceptualised by creative agency, David Madrid.

A predominantly user-generated campaign that ran across socials, it has already has ”hundreds of people” participating according to

He also wrote,  ”Billboards. Posters. TV commercials. Full 360.

”You don’t see them? Well, it’s a ghost campaign.

But even if you can’t see it, you can still enjoy it.”

Swapping the invisible for the edible

Diaz also mentioned how the campaign is supposed to work saying, “Our psychic will connect with the afterlife and see what free product your ghost ad has gotten you.”

When users posted their pictures, claiming to see these ghostly ads, the Burger King account replied with cheeky replies claiming it was present in the picture along with the name a product.









It then asked the user to drop them a private message and that they would receive a promo code for the “very real food” in return.

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