Brands For Less unveils Ramadan campaign

With Ramadan approaching, Brands For Less is set to launch an engaging campaign. This initiative aims to bring families and communities closer during the holy month.

By offering a unique opportunity to create and share moments of togetherness and kindness, the store’s aim is to make this Ramadan memorable for everyone.

To help this season in style, Brands for Less is providing fashion and home decor deals with a variety of offers available, to ensure that this time of year is both memorable and inviting.

The social media strategy for this is centred around “sharing smiles and creating memories.”

To kickstart the campaign, the company created a teaser video.


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Credits for the campaign:

Brand – Brands For Less

Head of Creative Department: Khalil Fares

Regional Marketing Manager: Arlette Nahas

Regional Digital Marketing Manager: Santhosh Kannan

Social Media Managaer : Marwan Alhasbini

Media Team Lead : Valroy Mascarenhas

Writer /Director: Kiran Pullanoor

Producer: Ajmal PM

DOP: Al Ameel

Editor : Amit Thakkar

Art Director: Nayeem M. Valappil

Music: Anuj Shekar

SFX & Mix: Vishnu Raghav

VFX: Afran Najoom

Animation: Irshad PC

Production Company: Ninja Media Productions LLC