Banque Saudi Fransi rebrands to BSF

The rebrand signals the transition to being solely Saudi owned and and its modern outlook

Premium bank Banque Saudi Fransi has rebranded to BSF, through a partnership with agency R/GA EMEA.

Signalling the transition to sole Saudi ownership, the new identity and name reaffirm BSF’s Saudi roots and its modern outlook to the financial services and economic growth in the Kingdom.

As brand design partner for BSF, R/GA was responsible for leading the brand strategy and identity for the rebrand.

“Central to the work at each stage was the R/GA philosophy of building brand as an operating system, creating tools rather than rules, and ensuring that the brand is cohesive both on and offline.

“Being future proof to adapt and flex as the role of service and technology evolves in line with new customer demands,” the agency said.

R/GA also built a custom digital asset generator, which crafts unique patterns. Using typography, such as a client’s initials or the new ‘BSF’ brand name, the generator creates patterns that distinguish lines of business, from personal to corporate to private banking through to assets for individual customers.

These patterns can be used at a corporate level on everything from marketing to signage, and personal patterns can be applied to customer apps and credit cards, demonstrating true scalability and personalisation of the dynamic brand.

The patterns and new identity as a whole is anchored in a simple shape — the hexagon. Part of the bank’s design DNA, used as the logo container for 48 years, the hexagon now becomes the signature graphic motif that aligns everything from grids to icons to illustration and photographic art direction as well as the new BSF signature personalised patterns.

“The brand evolution of BSF ensures we continue to play an expert role in the local and regional financial sphere, develop our global role as an advocate for the Kingdom’s economic and business evolution,” said Hanin Aloufi, Head of Group Marketing and Corporate Communications at BSF.