Auditor recommends changes to tview system

The UAE’s people meter system, tview, is transparent and has “no integrity issues”, according to a six-month audit by French company CESP.

However, CESP has made a number of key recommendations that “will put tview on a par with global industry standards for television audience measurement”.

The audit follows a decision in June last year to determine whether tview presents a fair and representative picture of TV viewing in the UAE. The audit was commissioned jointly by the Emirates Media Measurement Company, which runs the project, and the Choueiri Group on behalf of MBC and DMI.

The two main recommendations are for changes around panel recruitment and panel compliance.

Chris O’Hearn, general manager of tview, said: “The audit was undertaken to validate the work we are doing to encourage DMI, MBC and the Choueiri Group to join us. It was a joint audit with a genuine desire on all sides to make this system one that is comparable to the most robust television audience measurement programs in the world and the key currency for the UAE. We accept the report findings and recommendations and they will be implemented in conjunction with Kantar Media, the principal contractor.”

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