Audi picks a chef as its first brand ambassador for the Middle East

The upmarket car brand wanted “more than simply choosing a cool guy” when picking its face for the region

Chef Izu Ani

Audi positions itself as a sophisticated and upmarket car brand. So it takes its time when it comes to choosing the right ambassadors.

The German luxury brand revealed to Campaign Middle East that it has just chosen Dubai-based Chef Izu Ani as its first brand ambassador for the Middle East. He is the creative genius behind a number of gastronomic landmarks in the UAE.

Elmir Arnautovic, Marketing and Communications Director at Audi Middle East, spoke to Campaign Middle East about its new ambassador.

Why decide on a chef as your first ambassador for the Middle East?

Aligning with Chef Izu as our ambassador in the region is a lot more than simply choosing a cool guy to associate ourselves with. It’s a strategic move that aligns with both brands’ philosophies of innovation and excellence.

His story and achievements, not just in the culinary world, mirror the attributes we cherish at Audi – creativity, dedication and the pursuit of constantly exceeding boundaries.

This partnership goes beyond conventional brand-ambassador alignments; it’s a synergy of shared values and visions that seamlessly resonate with our audience.

As a marketer, I viewed this partnership not just as a strategic move but as a deeply personal endorsement of our brand’s core identity.

Elmir Arnautovic, Marketing and Communications Director at Audi Middle East

It signifies more than just a brand affiliation—it’s a testament to Audi’s unwavering commitment to delivering unique experiences and forging meaningful connections with our valued customers across the region.

Can we expect to see more ambassadors for this region?

As a brand, the last few years saw us strategically partnering up with various projects and personalities whose values align with ours.

The Museum of the Future in Dubai and Qatar creates being just some, but currently, our focus is centred on our partnership with Chef Izu Ani.

While we are always open to exploring future associations that align with our brand direction in all the countries we operate in, our immediate strategy emphasis is to maximise the impact and depth of our partnership with Chef Izu, ensuring it resonates strongly across the region.


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What marketing/campaigns are you doing to promote this collaboration?

Our partnership will be celebrated through a mix of storytelling, digital campaigns, exclusive events, and unique experiences that showcase our shared journey of innovation and excellence.

We’re leveraging social media, Audi’s digital platforms, and PR efforts to share this story widely as a start.

Additionally, we’re planning unique experiences and engagements that encapsulate the essence of this partnership, offering fans of both brands a taste of the creativity and passion that drive both Audi and Chef Izu.

What other brand ambassadors does Audi work with globally?

Globally, Audi collaborates with a range of ambassadors from various industries, including sports, entertainment, and more.

At the moment, you may notice Chris Evans, from Captain America fame, as our global face of the soon-to-be-released Q6 e-tron, and you may recall more recent collaborations with Stella McCartney, an award-winning photographer and climate change advocate, Sebastian Copeland and Janelle Monae, to name only a few.

While specific names vary by market and time, our storyteller associations, be it global or local, always embody Audi’s commitment to excellence, pushing boundaries, and leading change in their respective fields.