Atlantis Dubai’s brand evolution and collaborations

The luxury resort's VP of Marketing & PR talks about its marketing campaigns with Campaign Middle East reporter Sonia Majumder

Louis Vuitton mascots

Atlantis Dubai has made significant strides in its branding and marketing efforts, leveraging high-profile partnerships and collaborations to stand out in the competitive landscape.

From teaming up with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and featuring renowned personalities such as Dutch DJ Tiësto in its marketing campaigns, Atlantis Dubai has effectively elevated its brand image and attracted attention.

The brand has managed to cut through the noise and differentiate itself in a crowded market, positioning the resort as a premier destination for luxury and entertainment.

In a recent conversation with Hanan Eissa, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations at Atlantis Dubai, Campaign Middle East reporter Sonia Majumder delved into various aspects of the brand’s identity, marketing strategies, and long-term growth plans, to name a few.

What is the brand identity of Atlantis Dubai? 

The overarching brand identity of Atlantis as a brand revolves around delivering the extraordinary to every holiday and experience, setting us apart in the hospitality industry. Through our marketing and PR efforts, we consistently communicate this commitment to providing extraordinary guest experiences across various channels.

Tell us more about upcoming marketing campaigns? 

One of our recent integrated marketing campaigns is the launch of Atlantis The Royal, featuring a groundbreaking music video collaboration with renowned Dutch DJ Tiësto and Canadian artist Tate McRae. This campaign not only produced a visually stunning music video but also established Atlantis The Royal as a cultural cornerstone in Dubai.

With over 400 million streams, 220 million TikTok views, and 37 million YouTube views. ‘10:35’ combined with the ‘THIS IS IT.’ Tagline, Atlantis The Royal secured a right of its own as the world’s most ultra-luxury experiential resort.

We are also about to launch our new campaign for Aquaventure, again ensuring that our campaigns are culturally relevant to our target audiences is key to resonating. This campaign will cut through all key media channels including social as well as traditional ones and will reinforce what an exciting brand Aquaventure is and why it’s the most visited attraction in Dubai. 

How do the Louis Vuitton mascots compare to other marketing initiatives?

ROI is very intrinsically tied not only to financial KPI’s but also the brand ones. The partnership with Louis Vuitton Vivienne mascots at Atlantis Dubai showcases the synergy between our brands and has a strong halo impact on Atlantis The Royal as an ultra-luxury experiential resort.

It has driven visitation and revenue of course; however, the key purpose of the partnership is to showcase us as a lifestyle destination that aligns with Louis Vuitton’s ethos of providing extraordinary experiences, contributing to the success and impact of this collaboration.

How does the brand stand out?

Atlantis Dubai differentiates itself from competitors by constantly pushing boundaries and creating cultural moments that resonate with our audience. Through partnerships with iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, we elevate our status as a lifestyle destination, standing out for our commitment to delivering extraordinary experiences.

Our campaigns, such as those featuring Tiesto and the grand opening of Atlantis The Royal, and even our activations at Aquaventure like the Red Bull stunt or our London Taxi activation at Atlantis The Palm further solidify our position as leaders in the industry, we are not afraid to take creative risk to bring to life extraordinary work to showcase our extraordinary brand.

What are the long term plans for Atlantis Dubai? 

Our long-term growth strategies for marketing and branding at Atlantis Dubai focus on staying ahead of changing consumer trends and market dynamics. We plan to continue our out-of-the-box marketing campaigns and activations to maintain momentum and drive engagement. By remaining culturally relevant and credible, we aim to connect with our target audience on a deeper level and ensure that Atlantis Dubai continues to be perceived as an incredible destination for years to come.