ArabyAds partners with CJ Affiliate revolutionizing affiliate marketing in the region

ArabyAds will use the CJ technology to acquire and serve advertisers and publishers in the region.

Exclusively, Arabyads has become a strategic partner of CJ Affiliate, one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing networks. The main purpose of this partnership is to strengthen CJ Affiliate’s presence in the MENA region by partnering with ArabyAds, the largest advertising and marketing intelligence platform that incorporates revolutionary technology in their solutions.

Affiliate programs are one of the main growth drivers of e-commerce sales globally. With e-commerce businesses on the rise in the MENA, the availability of such technology and network makes this partnership a monumental step towards opening up the region and the industry to fast-paced growth.

ArabyAds will use the CJ technology platform to manage affiliate partnerships and programs and will be responsible for acquiring and serving advertisers and publishers in the region. ArabyAds has been working in the MENA market since 2014 and promises high marketing performance for their partners’ advertising campaigns, by delivering results in terms of conversions. The company offers a portfolio of three performance marketing solutions; media buying that is run in-house by a professional internal team, influencer marketing, and affiliate marketing. The company was established in 2013 by Mahmoud Fathy and joined by Mohammad Khartabil, as a leading affiliate network in the MENA region. ArabyAds has served more than 450 advertisers, 2000 affiliates, 1500 influencers, while delivering over US$525 million in sales for E-commerce, along with more than 3 Million conversions for various categories, including but not limited to Banking, Real Estate, Automotive, and Health, amongst others.

“Many international advertisers focus on the MENA region,” commented Tobias Allgeyer, Regional Vice President, CJ Affiliate. “With ArabyAds, our strong market position has given us the ideal partner to drive growth in these countries and consolidate our position as a global leader in affiliate marketing.”, Allgeyer elaborated

On the other hand, Mohammad Khartabil, CBDO of ArabyAds, said: “One of our biggest challenges was having an advanced technology platform to serve the needs of advertisers & publishers alike. As a result, we are pleased to partner with CJ Affiliate, as a trusted global technology provider, to ensure quality and transparency for our advertisers and publishers.”

The MENA region is one of the fastest-growing markets, especially for sectors such as lifestyle and fashion. It is becoming increasingly attractive due to several important factors such as the demographic structure (380 million potential consumers), lower taxation compared to European markets, efficient infrastructure, and a strong e-commerce affinity.

According to BMI Research, the e-commerce industry promises great growth in the following years.

By the year 2022, the markets in the Middle East -will be driven by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia – are expected to grow by 16.4 percent. That corresponds to an expected sales volume of 48.6 billion dollars.