Apple shares a carbon footprint update with Mother Nature

Apple has rolled out a film through which it reveals updates to its 2020 promise of bringing its entire footprint to net zero by 2030.

In the film which features CEO Tim Cook, the Apple team is nervously getting ready for a meeting. Cook and the rest of the team are practicing their dialogues, when the chair of the meeting, Mother Nature arrives, role played by actor Octavia Spencer.

Spencer takes her seat and informs the team that it’s her third corporate social responsibility meet of the day with companies and asks for an update on the 2020 mission, while stating she’s ready to face ‘disappointment’.

What follows is that the team has some ‘exciting’ updates and reveals that Apple is on target to meet their goals.

The film, which was published on 13 September shortly after the Apple event, also reveals Apple’s first carbon neutral product, the Apple Watch.