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Animating Pepsi’s global rebrand launch video

Pepsi recently underwent a global rebrand. To celebrate the roll-out of the new branding, the brand created a video and imagery showcasing the brand’s new logo appearing in different locations across the globe.

Eye Studio, a creative agency specialising in CGI animations and FOOH (Full-Out-of-Home) experiences, collaborated with the brand to create visuals for the brand’s rebranding campaign.

As part of the project, Eye Studio created visuals that integrated with on-ground activations that were conducted by Pepsi.


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“Our team was thrilled to partner with Pepsi on this transformative journey,” said Juhi Rupani, the Creative Director of Eye Studio. “We meticulously curated each element of the rebranding campaign to align with Pepsi’s vision of innovation and authenticity while staying young and ‘THIRSTY FOR MORE’.”

Eye Studio collaborated with the global Pepsi team to ideate and execute videos that complemented on-ground activations.

They created a series of animations that aimed to blur the lines between virtual and reality to enhance Pepsi’s brand presence across diverse landscapes.

Eye Studio created dynamic animations for audiences worldwide. To create these animations, the project first carefully selected locations that would help amplify the brand’s message and ensure a strong impact.

“Our goal was to create animations that felt as though they were part of the fabric of each location, seamlessly integrating with Pepsi’s real-world initiatives,” added Taha Dungerwala,  Art Director.

“Through close collaboration and a deep understanding of Pepsi’s brand ethos, we achieved a level of cohesion that truly sets this campaign apart.”