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Leo Burnett and Anghami join forces to launch child protection campaign


Leo Burnett Middle East and Anghami have joined forces to launch a campaign called ‘The Protective Rhymes’.

The new initiative aims to help parents teach children on how to protect themselves from sexual abuse, through branded content and entertainment.

Research shows that 1 in 9 children in the region experience some form of bodily sexual abuse at the hands of adults, with perpetrators being strangers as well as relatives, teachers, coaches, and friends of parents. 

After speaking to parents, the research has also shown that 86 percent of parents don’t know how to educate their kids about safety from child sexual abuse. This includes the most educated ones.

They get overwhelmed when asked, so they haven’t had that conversation because they don’t know how to do so, out of fear of sharing more than what’s needed with their children.

Anghami with with Leo Burnett Dubai and Publicis Groupe has used a format that entertains children as a tool and a means to provide support to parents to teach their own children how to protect themselves, regarding their body safety, in an age-appropriate manner. 

‘The Protective Rhymes’ has 5 different songs created in consultation with psychologists and parents, and by referring to as well as adapting other songs usually used for children’s safety.

The idea inspired by a regional problem is global in its implication and unique for a brand addressing the topic of child sexual abuse.

 Each rhyme is based on an insight and tackles different areas of awareness and education. The rhymes are also sequential, and through a step-by-step process they are designed for parents to equip children with all the information they need. 

The rhymes are short, focused on one single point for them to remember. They are designed using popular melodic techniques that work similar to the popular catchy children’s songs, to drive memorability.

Initial tests with children have proven effective in making an impact on educating them.

Key songs include:

My body belongs to me
Teaching them about body parts and body boundaries, helping them understand their body belongs to them and no one should see or touch their body. Making kids aware of what is their own.

 Your body belongs to you
Teaching children about body parts and body boundaries with others, helping them understand others’ body belongs to them and that it is not okay for them to see or touch someone else’s private body parts. that are private. Making kids aware of what is not okay for them to do (when asked or invited).

 We keep no secrets
Sometimes those who prime children for child abuse, ask the children to keep their conversations and ‘experiments’ a secret and to not tell mom or dad. How can we tell kids that secrets that make them sad are not good? How can we get children to report such requests from ‘other grown-ups’ to mom or dad?

Yell No!
If they find themselves in a bad situation, what should they do? We need to teach them what to do if they find themselves in a situation that isn’t right, Where they have identified something is wrong and the steps they can take when they don’t feel safe.

Good touch. Bad touch.
Once they know what their private parts are and about body boundaries, we must also ensure that they don’t get paranoid about every single person who touches them. They get confused between what is a bad or a good touch. So, to teach them how to identify the good touch vs bad touch in different situations, the ‘okay/not okay’ rhyme scheme works effectively with this son


Agency: Leo Burnett Dubai, Publicis Groupe ME&T
Production: Prodigious Middle East
Sound: Live Studio, MangoJam Studio, SoundStruck Studios
Marian Bahader, VP of Marketing, Anghami
Ghady El Hajj, Marketing Manager, Anghami
Sara Rahwanji, Marketing Executive, Anghami
Sara Aziz, Founder and President, Safe Kids NGO
Bassel Kakish, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T
Kalpesh Patankar, Chief Creative Officer, Leo Burnett Dubai
Tahaab Rais, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe ME&T
Nathalie Gevresse, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Communications UAE
Vicky Kriplani, Business Lead – Communications Consultancy, Leo Burnett Dubai
Sami Saleh, Chief Executive Officer, Prodigious Middle East
Shereen Mostafa, Head of A/V Production, Publicis Communications
Tania Hage, Associate Director – Post-Production, Publicis Communications
Eduardo Branco, Creative Director, Digitas Dubai
Nayaab Rais, Creative, Songwriter
Josephine Younes, Creative
Tahaab Rais, Songwriter, Film and Song Director, Art Direction, Publicis Groupe ME&T
Nuzeen Aziz, Designer, Publicis Groupe ME&T
Karim Khlat, Executive – Communications Consultancy, Leo Burnett Dubai</span
Sherif Magdi, Music Producer and Music Composer, Live Studio
Mohamed Omar, Music Composer, Live Studio
Ahmed Mostafa, Guitar & Ukelele, Live Studio
Wilbur D’Costa, Executive Producer, MangoJam Studio
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Elvis Garagic, Sound Engineer, SoundStruck Studios
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Ananya Murali, Singer
Zialla Simon, Singer
Aiden Tyler Allen, Singer