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Anavizio to bring Pulsar’s audience intelligence capabilities to the Middle East

UAE-based Anavizio is partnering with Pulsar to extend the platform’s presence in the Middle East.

UAE-based analytics and technology consultancy, Anavizio, is partnering with audience intelligence company, Pulsar, to extend the platform’s presence in the Middle East.

Under this partnership, Anavizio will work closely with Pulsar to offer the company’s full suite of audience intelligence and social listening solutions to brands and agencies in the region. The partnership will build on Anavizio’s in-depth cultural and business knowledge of the Middle East and its team’s extensive experience conducting social media research across the region.

Pulsar is the leading AI-powered audience intelligence platform, combining conversational and behavioural signals from the world’s leading digital destinations to help brands understand their audiences and create messages that matter to them.

Pulsar offers marketers, researchers and communication professionals a unique and comprehensive toolset for everything from tracking and analyzing social media conversations, monitoring and benchmarking their social media marketing, carrying out advanced audience segmentation, or discovering the latest trending topics around the world.

Pulsar has three software offerings.

  • Pulsar TRAC: the most advanced social listening and insights tool on the market, Pulsar TRAC uses AI to help customers analyze public conversation topics from open and premium data sources, seamlessly breaking down those audiences into communities of interest to guide marketing strategy and activation. It tracks all the main social networks from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit as well as TikTok, web and forum data, Amazon, Tripadvisor and more.
  • Pulsar TRENDS: the “Google Trends for social media”, Pulsar TRENDS allows customers to track the momentum of conversation topics on social media in real-time at both the global and local level, with historical data going back 14 years.
  • Pulsar CORE: the one-stop-shop monitoring tool for owned-channel analytics, Pulsar CORE allows customers to monitor the growth of their audience, benchmark against competitors, and track the performance of content across channels – from Instagram to Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Google Analytics.

“Information travels instantly in today’s connected word and even more so in 2020 where so much of our daily activity has moved online. It’s more important than ever for organizations to be aware of their digital audiences and conversations taking place online,” explains Fares Ghneim, partner at Anavizio. “With its extensive toolkit and capabilities, Pulsar offers companies and public entities a strong advantage in staying on top of conversations online, be it to track and manage their reputation, better engage with customers or fine tune their communications and marketing.”