AlUla launches its own scent with the help of 30 influencers

Global social agency Komodo has teamed up with British perfume house Penhaligon’s to launch a new scent called AlUla.

With the backdrop of the dunes of Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of AlUla, Komodo launched one its biggest content activations to date. The official name of the perfume is Penhaligon’s AlUla.

Managing the entire campaign, Komodo flew 30 influencers from 8 countries to the desert for the adventure.

Influencers included Ryan Corr, Marvin Brooks, William Goodge and Alicia Breur,  who were flown out to the destination, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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Joe Ellyatt , Co-founder of Komodo, said: “We’re really proud to partner with Penhaligon’s and to have created a campaign truly like no other. Komodo’s brand motto is ‘We never do normal’ and this trip cemented that message in every element.”

Alexandra Cernanova, Penhaligon’s Global Head of Communications and Community, added: “We couldn’t have wished for a better kickoff to the campaign which feels authentic, inspired and connects with both the Middle East and globally as we are one of the first brands to showcase AlUla in all its glory.”