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Airbnb crafts gorgeous train ride, delivers ‘Belong anywhere’ message

Airbnb has launched a global campaign that takes viewers on a train journey through a handcrafted miniature world — in a video produced in a single, continuous shot without computer graphics. The video campaign sets out to educate viewers about Airbnb, portraying the world as small and encouraging people to explore and discover. The journey also features real Airbnb listings based on actual ‘superhosts’ who use the service.


Client: Airbnb

Agency: TBWA Singapore

CDs: Gary Steele, James (Jexy) Holman

ECD: Edmund Choe

AD: Nuno Pestana Teixeira
ACC team: Nirmalo Wilkes, Joyce Wong, Neha Sethi

Set production: Cirkus

Co-directors: Christian Greet, Norman Yeend

Storyboarding: Dylan Coburn
Concept art: Laura Dubuk

Producer: Ringmaster Marko Klijn

Production manager: Zara Hayden

Production assist: Puteri Raja Ariff

DOP: Christian Greet, Andrew McGeorge
Lighting: Christian Greet, Gracie Spence

Model making and design: Norman Yeend, Justin Buckingham, Dion Boothby, Barry Down, Tim Wells, Philip Stokes, Ashley Turner, Henric Matthiesen, James Turnbull, Joon Yoon, Priyan Jayamaha, Kurt Adams, Nynne Mors, Matt Ramsay, Simon Coles, Romain Borrel, Thomas Bozovic, Marion Angebault, Quinn Klijn

Production: Sixtoes Singapore

Executive producer: Haydn Evans