AI will not replace you, communication experts who use it might

AI has the potential to augment human capabilities and reshape job roles, says Bright Company's Mariam ElSayed


Credits: Mariam ElSayed

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a revolutionary technology that promised to change a lot of fields.

While exhibiting remarkable potentials across different industries, AI has been used by the public for things like image recognition to find a similar piece of outfit that you saw a celebrity wear to simple language translation.

The fear of AI replacing human beings however has only been increasing as the technology keeps on advancing.

It is important to understand that not all fields can make efficient use of AI.

Certain fields and roles involve uniquely human qualities and complexities that are challenging for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to fully replicate.

These fields include education, healthcare, psychology, creative arts, therapeutic counseling and so on.

On the other hand, there are so many other fields that are significantly impacted by AI such as, manufacturing, retail, transportation, security and most importantly communications and marketing.

Mariam Elsayed, Account Director at Bright Company


Implications of AI on employability

While it will be an overstatement to say that AI means mass unemployment, it is undeniable that failing to understand how AI works and making use of its tools does mean that you can fall off the bandwagon as a potential employee in the current job market.

AI has the potential to augment human capabilities and reshape job roles.

It doesn’t necessarily mean it will “replace” human beings, but employers will definitely look at “upskilling” their current employees who fail to use AI in order to increase accuracy, automate processes, save time as well as costs.

From content creation to AB testing as well as data analysis and insights, AI has tremendously shaped the communications and marketing industry. Imagine spending hours, maybe days trying to figure future customer behaviors based on previous data.

Who would want to choose that over someone who can do that with a simple click and then work with the automated results that would be much more accurate than the human generated data.

AI boosts the effectiveness, precision, and influence of marketing and social media goals by utilising data-driven results and customisations.

Honing your skills and learning how to efficiently use all the new AI tools emerging in the market that can help automate tasks in your field will enhance your employability and open various job opportunities.

So don’t fear AI, fear people who are capable of efficiently using it to fulfill their tasks efficiently.

By Mariam Elsayed, Account Director, Bright Company