Ad Zone Global partners with Lemma for pDOOH

Lemma, an independent Supply Side Platform (SSP) for large format ads, partnered with Kuwaiti DOOH company Ad Zone Global for its digital OOH screens in Kuwait. The Lemma and Ad Zone Global partnership will enable programmatic advertisers to trade DOOH inventory via global Demand side platforms alongside other programmatic campaigns.

The new offering will give advertisers greater flexibility and control over their DOOH campaigns, allowing them to reach their target audience more effectively. Through the integration, Ad Zone Global can now instantly link its screens to programmatic demand worldwide, boosting revenue and giving clients better access to reach their target markets effectively.

The newly onboarded exclusive inventory is available on Lemma SSP in high-traffic areas such as busy roads, streets in and around shopping malls, Tech Parks, and other landmark locations across the region.

“Integrating Ad Zone Global DOOH screens onto our SSP platform is a game-changer for programmatic DOOH advertising in Kuwait,” said Sabarish Pillai, Global VP Programmatic, Lemma. “Advertisers can now use this exculsive DOOH inventory from Kuwait to complement their digital campaigns and connect with a global audience in ways that were possible before. We are excited to see how this partnership with Ad Zone Global opens up new opportunities for creativity and engagement in the Digital Out of Home space.”

“As one of the first screen networks to implement programmatic DOOH advertising, we’re setting ourselves apart from the competition,” said Moahmmed Mostafa, CEO at AD ZONE-Global for Advertising. “As the DOOH landscape continues to evolve, we are committed to staying at the forefront of the industry and partnering with Lemma is helping us attain this effectively and efficiently.”