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A new block targets mothers and their preschooler kids in Spacetoon with worldwide top-rated titles

For the first time in the region, Cocomelon in Arabic will be included in the new block that is slated to be available on Spacetoon’s free-to-air TV channel and Spacetoon Go online streaming service.

Spacetoon, the family edutainment content creator, provider and streamer, has announced a new programming block on its free-to-air TV channel and Spacetoon Go online streaming service in celebration of Mothers’ day.

With this announcement, Spacetoon becomes the first Arab Kids’ TV channel to start a block that targets kids and mothers simultaneously. The content is set to be streamed every day in the perfect time during the day while most of the mothers usually feed their little babies in order to provide them with inspiring tips for better child’s nutrition.

Newly acquired and localized top-rated content includes: Cocomelon, Playtime with Twinkle, Little Baby Bum, Digley & Dazey, Little Red Bus and Arpo, Smarta and Her Magic Bag, Leo the Truck in addition to Dooda Doody Spacetoon’s original songs. All these titles will be streamed during the morning hours guaranteeing the perfect experience for kids, in order to help them have fun while learning new things.

The block is also going to be available on Spacetoon GO online streaming service for moms and kids to enjoy at their ease anytime.

Commenting on this new segment, Fayez Al-Sabbagh the CEO of Spacetoon said: “Most of the millennials who grew up watching Spacetoon are mothers now, and they are going through the mothering journey, seeking tips and advices from different outlets, that’s one of the reasons why we’ve decided to start this block. Another reason is the commitment we have developed through the years towards the Arab kids and families, and our mission in providing them with high-quality, values-based, and totally safe content.”

Al-Sabbagh added: “What makes this experience so unique is that it will be streamed on Spacetoon Go platform in addition to Spacetoon TV where we were keen to provide more flexible options for mothers. This is in addition to the purposeful content delivered by experts in nutrition and health directed to children and mothers.

The programming block goes on from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, and it is set to be broadcasted daily except for Fridays on the Spacetoon TV channel. The audience can enjoy watching it anytime and anywhere on Spacetoon Go online streaming service.