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Dubai Lynx 2016: FCB’s Susan Credle on ‘how to love advertising again’


We are our own worst critics. I believe truth can be created through what we say and what we write. As an industry, we keep writing about the demise of advertising and agencies. If we say it enough, it will become truth.

However, when I tell people I am in advertising you know what happens? They start talking about advertising (usually short form film) passionately. In an effort to dream of what else we could do to build brands, we made traditional advertising the enemy. It should have never been an ‘or’ conversation. It should always be an ‘and’ discussion.

I also believe the sheer quantity of advertising served up in exchange for content is out of balance. And the way we serve up advertising, especially in new media, is often disrespectful to the person receiving it. If brands create interesting, useful things and offer them up at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, the advertising industry will remain not only viable but incredibly important to our world.”

Susan Credle is global chief creative officer at FCB. She will be discussing ‘How to love advertising… again’ on March 8 at 11.30