Reddit rolls out keyword targeting and product ads


Reddit has announced the addition of two new ad products to attract audiences’ interests. 

The Contextual Keyword Targeting with new suggested terms and Product Ads helps users enhance their reach along with more interest categories.

The main addition is keyword suggestions, a new listing of AI-recommended topics that are aligned with the keywords users choose for campaigns.

It enables users to refine and improve targeting, in order to reach the most relevant users and communities.

Reddit, a platform known for advice, insights and honest conversations continues to invest in advertising solutions to bring the best of Reddit to businesses.

The conversations are a valuable place for advertisers to find highly engaged, potential customers and for brands to become part of relevant conversations happening online.

Contextual Keyword Targeting places advertisers at the centre of this journey and at the heart of active conversations taking place.

This gives them the option to select specific keywords to associate with their brand or even align keywords with their creative ad copy for added relevance.

Product Ads are aimed to connect brands with consumers when they are already in research mode and primed to make a purchase decision.

Integrated into the shopping journeys already happening on Reddit, the product is a natural next step in the consideration process as users gear up to make a purchase.


Reddit’s global ambassador and former head of creative strategy, Will Cady highlighted brands that match their advertising message to the consumer’s journey and are model advertisers on the platform: Adobe, Mini Cooper, Ulta Beauty and Oatly.

“The brands that represent best-in-class work on Reddit are the ones that have a full-funnel strategy.

“For example, Adobe  has seen success due to a combination of really high impact and dramatic moments on Reddit’s front page and highly targeted performance media campaigns for the platform’s communities that are likely to use Adobe software.” said Cady

Reddit Chief Revenue Officer, Harold Klaje, said: “We’ve known for over a decade that people come to Reddit to talk about the products they love – take r/BuyItForLife for example, a community of over 1.5 million redditors who have been sharing recommendations and advice about their lifelong, must-have purchases since 2011.

“These updates will uplevel the search-and-discover experience for both brands and our users by tapping into our differentiated value as a hub for actionable conversation”

“Our approach to this next phase of our Ads Product offering is to help brands help people make informed decisions, find answers to their questions, and discover products they care about – while in the process enabling advertisers to build connections with new and valuable new audiences.”