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Where does Dubai rank in list of top cities for marketing careers?

Following an analysis of 100 major cities worldwide, final rankings were drawn based on job opportunities, salaries, living costs, and safety.

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A study conducted by Loopex Digital has analysed 100 major cities worldwide to determine the best cities for marketing specialists, with final rankings based on these composite scores, prioritising cities with higher numbers of job opportunities, salaries, living costs, and safety ratings.

In terms of methodology, the study initially selected the top 100 cities based on data collated from Forbes’ listings, then narrowed down the top 30 cities based on data from Glassdoor.

A composite score was then calculated for each, taking into account factors such as average annual salaries, living costs, rent prices, safety, and unemployment rates.

Podium spots: The top three cities for marketing careers

Bangkok, Thailand stood out as the top city for marketing specialists with a composite score of 33.41. The city has 6,900 job postings (highest on the list) and an average yearly salary of $32,000. Coupled with a low cost of living, a high safety index, and the lowest unemployment rate on the list, Bangkok offers a balance for professionals seeking growth and quality of life.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates secured the second spot with a composite score of 28.67. Known for its dynamic market, Dubai offers 4,800 job opportunities and an attractive average salary of $58,000 – coming close to twice the salary of Bangkok ranked at #1. The city’s highest safety index on the list make it a magnet for professionals worldwide, despite its higher living costs.

Securing the third place on the podium, Singapore shone with 4,700 job listings and the list’s second highest average salary among the top 30 of $63,000. High results in safety and a wide career opportunities make up for its higher cost of living, securing Singapore’s podium finish in the rankings.

Racing to the Top 10

The top 10 out of the 100 cities on the list included Munich, which is currently home to the Euro 2024, as well as São Paulo, Brazil; Seoul, South Korea; Tokyo, Japan; Hanoi, Vietnam; Hong Kong; and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Coming in at No. 4, Munich, scored 22.33, standing out with the highest average salary on the list at $67,000 and 2,400 job posts. Munich’s balance of opportunities, safety and cultural offerings make it a prime choice for marketing professionals.

Ranking fifth with a score of 20.93, São Paulo, Brazil offers more than 5,000 job opportunities and an average salary of $62,000. The city’s vibrant culture and affordable living costs make it a significant destination for marketers, even with lower safety.

Seoul, South Korea finished 6th with a score of 17.96, highlighting 3,100 job postings and an average yearly salary of $36,000. The city’s advanced infrastructure and a safety index of 75.6 provide a perfect environment for career development, making up for the highest average cost of living.

Ranking seventh on the list of best cities for marketing specialists is Tokyo, Japan with a score of 17.74, offering 2,000 job opportunities and an average salary of $37,000. High safety, combined with a rich cultural scene, makes Tokyo a desirable location for marketers seeking a mix of tradition and innovation.

Hanoi, Vietnam stood at the eighth spot with a score of 15.86, appealing with its 2.600 job postings and the lowest living costs on the list. Even with the lowest average salary of $7,000, Hanoi represents growth potential for marketing professionals, attracting with lower rent.

Hong Kong came in ninth with a composite score of 15.45. The city offers 2,900 job opportunities and an average salary of $41,000 supported by high safety, even though the living costs are high.

Amsterdam, Netherlands rounded out the top ten of best cities for marketing specialists with a score of 15.06. This city combines 3,000 job openings with an average yearly salary of $53,000. Amsterdam’s liberal culture and high safety index make it a favorite among marketing specialists seeking an open-minded environment.