What happens when you want to sell but not advertise?

It’s not often you come across a company that wants to sell its products or services but stay under the radar

When brands and companies are so keen to market and advertise themselves, it comes as a shock when you hear of those who want the complete opposite. But they do exist.

One sector is high-end luxury property.

For high-profile individuals, confidentiality is crucial when it comes to selling a property, remaining under the radar.

“For many people including VIPs, celebrities and high-net-worth individuals, the prospect of having details of their property sale made public is simply not acceptable,” said Ainsley Duncombe, Founder of Off-Market Listing (OML) Dubai.

“Our clients may wish to keep their property sale strictly private for a multitude of reasons. Whether it’s to avoid speculation, media exposure or to ensure privacy during sensitive times, OML guarantees discretion at every stage of the process.”

OML specialises in luxury residential real estate, with listings that go all the way up to around AED 300 million.

Duncombe added: “ We go over and above to provide a top-tier service for our clients. For some, this means starting off with a complimentary helicopter tour of Dubai to get a sense of the city and view plots and neighbourhoods from a birds-eye perspective.

Blacked-out windows

“For others, a chauffer-driven tour around the city allows them to get a sense of place from behind discreetly blacked-out windows.”

OML was launched in 2023 on the back of a conversation with one of Duncombe’s clients who had expressed distress at the way their home privacy was invaded during a sale.

“Having extensively revamped their property, my clients, unfortunately, encountered a breach of privacy during viewing. Their next-door neighbours turned up and videoed the property on the phone, not because they wanted to buy it, but because they wanted ideas for their own home renovation.

“This sparked the idea of creating a service that enables individuals to sell their properties without having to share details online.”