What do people expect from brands now? by Anghami’s Sabine Oneissy

By Sabine Oneissy, Ad Product Marketing Manager, Anghami

With everything happening around the world, uncertainty seems to be the trend. Brands are wondering whether they should advertise or stay silent. And if they were to advertise, what should they say? What is a proper way to advertise in times where everything is so “uncertain”? What would be the right way to address the topic? On the other hand, consumers are uncertain too! Should they spend more or less? What is the best way to survive in corona time? What will happen post corona? Will things go back to normal?

So many unanswered questions and truth is, only time will tell.

In the meantime, brands have to be resilient and they have to support their audiences to do the same.

How should you do that? Think about your brand as a person. What type of person would your brand be? What would it want to say in these times?

And once you do that. Rework your communication strategy accordingly.

Here are some tips:

Here are some ads for your inspiration, play them here.

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