Ukraine agency Banda creates harrowing film calling for international support

With the capital under siege, the Kyiv agency is asking supporters to post this video and #standwithukraine.

By Imogen Watson
Banda: calling on people to share video with hashtag #standwithukraine
Banda: calling on people to share video with hashtag #standwithukraine

A day that will go down in history, as of 5am on Thursday morning (24 February), Russian President Vladimir Putin has pursued a bloody invasion of Ukraine.

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According to reports, he believed Kyiv and four other cities would be his by the weekend. But the Ukrainian people have fought back, refusing to surrender.

As the fighting continues, Kyiv-based agency Banda has created a film from the warzone to ask for international support.

The short video explains the situation in Ukraine using “trustworthy information”, piecing together video footage of the crisis.

“Ukraine is now. And now is special. It’s a turning point,” says the voiceover, as scenes of Ukrainians taking refuge in the metro system play across the screen. Hard-hitting, the video captures the Russian attack on the country’s civilians and infrastructure.

“There can’t be another now. You can hear it. You can see it. You can feel it. Now. Now, and now. Another win. Another doing. Another little step further. Now is not about words. It’s about actions. About people who are ready to take actions. Ukraine now is all of us.”

With the video now live, the agency is asking supporters to post the video and #standwithukraine.