The Annual 2022: Top 15 cinema ads of 2022

Middle East’s leading cinema advertising representative Motivate Val Morgan has picked 15 of the best ads showcased on the big screen in 2022 – in no particular order

Cinema has returned as the go-to destination to consume entertainment in 2022 and has welcomed more than 29 million patrons across the Motivate Val Morgan GCC, Egypt and Lebanon circuit. Next year looks even stronger, given the steady flow of content, a summer packed with blockbusters, and a forecast of 33 million admissions across the exhibitors represented by Motivate Val Morgan (a sister company of Campaign Middle East). 

The Top 15 Cinema Ads of 2022 shine light on the best content that utilised the medium for what it truly represents: storytelling, surround sound and booming bass, impressive graphics and panoramic landscapes – all of which grabs attention, evokes an emotional or humorous response, and a shared experience worth remembering. 

Brand: Mercedes-Benz Burmester

Title: Innovations by Mercedes-Benz: Dolby Atmos
Agency: OMD

MVM chose this ad because… it is an ad created to be experienced in cinema and promotes Mercedes’ Burmester sound system with Dolby Atmos, which turns music into an immersive experience. Simply magical when viewed on the big screen in a Dolby Atmos auditorium. 

 Brand: NEOM

Title: Trojena – Journey To New Heights

Agency: Starcom

MVM chose this ad because… it is visually appealing and portrays the unique year-round mountain destination in NEOM (specifically
the winter season). Its production quality is praiseworthy, and the ad successfully echoes the vision
and ambition of Saudi Arabia’s futuristic city. 

 Brand: Emirates 

Title: Gerry the Goose Flies Better

Agency: UM MENA

MVM chose this ad because… it is unlike most airline ads, offering a unique animated and humorous take on choosing to fly better with an airline that guarantees comfort, good food and entertainment. 

 Brand: Rolex

Title: Rolex & Cinema – The Path

Agency: Mindshare

MVM chose this ad because… it’s an ad made for cinema, celebrating cinema. Like a Rolex watch, films are ingrained in our memories, and both Rolex and cinema share a quest for excellence, innovation and progress, as well as a common goal to create an enduring masterpiece.

 Brand: Sephora

Title: Amna Al Qubaisi – Emirati F3 Driver – Redefining Beauty with Sephora

Agency: Spark Foundry – Publicis Media

MVM chose this ad because… it is an empowering ad where the brand takes on a subtle role in the overall creative that redefines beauty. It also delivers a strong and pertinent message by featuring a woman making her way in a sport that is typically dominated by men. 

 Brand: Malabar Gold

Title: Brides of India

MVM chose this ad because… of its glamorous and authentic production quality, staying true to the brand’s heritage. The ad takes audiences on a journey of marriage celebrations across many different Indian cultures and is colourful, joyful and has an uplifting beat to it. 

Brand: Hermès

Title: Terre d’Hermès

Agency: Havas Media

MVM chose this ad because… from its production to copy, the ad is a cinematic treat, with its storyline combining the paradoxes in nature: cold and refreshing yet warm
and earthy.

Brand: Thailand Tourism

Title: Amazing Thailand

Agency: Media Republic

MVM chose this ad because… with the use of special effects, it takes audiences on a cinematic journey, emphasising tourist attractions in the country and the culture and unique sense of Thai hospitality. 

 Brand: Hayatna

Title: Grow Your World With Hayatna

Agency: Hearts & Science
MVM chose this ad because… the ad narrates a story of a brand that makes a promise to be part of every stage of a person’s journey through life and uses a flash-forward style of production, taking the narrative forward in time. 

 Brand: Riyadh Book Fair 

Agency: Blue Horizon

MVM chose this ad because… of its comedic take on promoting a book fair. It beautifully portrays the message that the fair is for book lovers of all age groups.  

 Brand: Infiniti QX60

Title: Take the Wheel 

Agency: OMD

MVM chose this ad because… it is a beautifully executed animated film that portrays real-world family dynamics of working parents: balancing life, kids and household responsibilities, while navigating the joyful chaos of life, with the Infiniti QX60 at the centre of it all.  

 Brand: Jindal Shadeed

Title: The Steel of Oman

Agency: United Media Services

MVM chose this ad because… it is a culture and heritage based long-duration film – the perfect fit for cinema. The ad integrates football into the commercial, which was well timed with the current soccer fever
in the region, and keeps audiences rapt until the end for the big reveal – the brand.

 Brand: Theeb

MVM chose this ad because… it is captivating through emotion and delivers an important social message where audiences are left in suspense, anticipating the outcome and fearing the worst. The storyline is also vaguely similar to Christopher Nolan‘s style of filmmaking. 

 Brand: Yas Island

Title: Yas Yas Baby

Agency: Initiative Media

MVM chose this ad because… it serves as a time capsule. It connects the brand to a song that resonates with an older generation who is more than familiar with Vanilla Ice’s popular hit, ‘Ice Ice Baby’, whilst also appealing to a younger generation through its fun and retro choreography.

 Brand: Al Nahdi Pharmacies 

MVM chose this ad because… it resembles a scene from an Arabic comedy movie depicting a complex issue, presented in a light and humorous way. It is also a clever take on introducing an app through which one gets professional parenting advice for improved quality of life for the future generation.