Saudi Report 2021: Prosperity and progress, by MBC Media Solutions’ Ziyad Alomair

MMS’s Ziyad Alomair explains how the Government and SME division is structured in line with Vision 2030.

Ziyad Alomair, director of sector at MMS

Everyone is aware of the extraordinary leaps and groundbreaking developments achieved by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in a remarkably short period of time.

These revolutionary changes – coupled with the increase in the Public Investment Fund from SAR 560bn to more than SAR 1.3 trillion – are resulting in tangible economic prosperity and progress.

Furthermore, the increase in non-oil revenues and non-oil GDP has aided in boosting employment rates and increasing Saudisation employment rates in the private sector.

As Vision 2030 continues to create an attractive environment for local and foreign investments, we are expecting a lot of entities, especially SMEs and government to lean on media solutions to connect with their customers and communicate projects and initiatives that align with Vision 2030.

Government solutions

To meet this expected demand, MBC Media Solutions (MMS) is presenting a suite of offerings across premium content to forge consumer connections and drive business growth.

To achieve the government’s goal of communicating Vision 2030 projects and announcements to the region and the world, MMS is offering integrated data-driven solutions across MBC GROUP’s television, audio, digital
and video-on-demand platforms.

We are ensuring that clients meet their goals and targets by utilising the latest data measurement technologies to provide solutions that are accurate and efficient.

Our focus on quality and relevant content gives our clients, especially government, the advantage as we deliver on innovative and creative solutions that engage with our audiences.

SME solutions

When it comes to SMEs, there has been an increased interest in Saudi SMEs due to their ability to foster new job opportunities and economic growth.

Saudi Arabia has taken important steps to support SMEs. It has recently approved the establishment of a bank for small and medium enterprises to aid SMEs to access appropriate financing and achieve stability and growth.

The country also saw a surge in financing SMEs last year in 2020, as figures released by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) in late January showed that in the third quarter of 2020 the total amount of credit awarded to SMEs was SAR 176.2bn, up from SAR 115bn in Q3 2019. While the total figure rose 8.3 per cent in 2019, it surged 52.4 per cent in 2020.

In a bid to connect SMEs with audiences, MMS is creating customised offerings that best suit their goals be it awareness, initial public offering or transactional.

Our bespoke and accessible solutions address their specific challenges and help them successfully implement TV solution investments to maximise their return on media investment.

Our teams are categorised into distinct groups: High-Involvement category, Fast-Moving Consumer Decisions category and Government & SMEs category.

The Government & SMEs category, which is based out of Riyadh, caters to the new Saudi government’s ambitions, which will further amplify how we can go to market.

Establishing MMS has empowered us to work more closely with our clients and internal teams (agency, content
and data) to deliver against client briefs and challenges.

This enables us to better understand their marketing challenges and provide better-integrated solutions.

Furthermore, our use of the latest data measurement technologies to provide data-driven solutions further aids our clients to better plan their marketing strategies and foresee future opportunities to achieve outcomes that deliver on their expectations.

Our aim is to deploy our offerings, which rely on content excellence, data-driven thinking and partnership-led solutions, to aid government and SMEs to attain their goals.

We hope to achieve this by continuing to diversify our offerings to our clients across all MBC GROUP platforms and by focusing on diversifying talent.

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