Prism Digital Dubai supports Rite to launch e-commerce solution

Prism Digital, a website design agency and digital marketing company in the UAE has developed and launched a completely customized Shopify website for rite., a vegan health supplements brand homegrown in UAE. The website built in Shopify e-commerce framework is a fast-loading mobile responsive experience and it went live during the first week of August 2021 along with the launch of their much-awaited product GLOW, a supplement for hair, skin, and nails.

The fully customizable website is built using liquid coding in Shopify framework along with Shopify apps ad-ons and provides enhanced functionality, seamless mobile UI UX experience, and lighting fast loading speed across all devices. Prism has also given inbuilt API integrations with Shopify Apps like judge.me for transparent customer ratings, and Klaviyo for marketing automation, giving users a transparent and smooth buying experience and giving the owners of the site complete control on their user analytics and funnel management.

Shopify is one of the best platforms for a seamless mobile-first buying experience with its social media-friendly features and tools. The website gives flexibility for convenient domain mapping and a secure online database which is a must-have for e-commerce websites. Since more than 90 per cent of e-commerce related queries are initiated using mobile devices, it is necessary for brands to have a seamless presence on mobile devices to increase on-site purchases. A number of known brands already use the Shopify platform including Bulletproof, Hasbro, Heinz, and Gymshark to name a few.

Sebastien, co-founder, rite. said, “Our old e-commerce website wasn’t responsive and fast enough and that is why we decided to partner with Prism Digital and built a new custom Shopify website that is lightning fast, is much more responsive and converts better. The website is beautiful, just as we imagined it to be with all the features we needed and much more. Prism helped us realize the idea and even it enhanced further. We are incredibly happy with the team of expert designers and developers at Prism. They were helpful and responsive throughout the development phase, and we are looking forward to a long-term partnership with the agency.’’

Guillaume, co-founder, rite. said, “Prism Digital, is one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai, and are well known as a Google Ecommerce specialist. They were incredibly supportive through the development phase and so we decided that they will also be managing the brand’s Google Advertising and SEO on all platforms with a clear objective of bringing our website to the first page of Google. So far we are very happy with the results!”

Mr. Lovetto Nazareth, managing director of Prism Digital said, ‘‘rite. is an amazing homegrown brand that has amazing vegan nutritional supplements, and we loved the fact that the founders chose Prism to be their partners in their e-commerce journey. Prism aims to take the brand to greater heights by driving huge traffic and build the brand organically on all search platforms through a customized strategic approach to SEO, Digital Marketing and Google Advertising.’’

Speaking on the website functionalities, he added,” Building on the founder’s vision, we created the website for rite. to be a fully customized Mobile-first e-commerce website with Shopify API integrations, which provide a secure online payment gateway for shoppers to buy with trust. “

“This mobile responsive website with search engine optimized content is built on highly scalable Shopify Platform and has already started to rank on the first page of Google well within the first month since it went live. The website scores a perfect score on all Google’s performance indicators and hence will perform very well in all SERPs,  Lovetto Nazareth added.