MediaCom shifts media planning to always focus on diverse audiences

The agency said the industry would previously often only consider diverse audiences for specialist briefs

By Gurjit Degun

MediaCom has pledged to shift its media planning approach to always focus on diverse audiences in a bid to help brands better communicate with audiences.

The initiative will sit central to all planning decisions the agency’s teams make. MediaCom said that this is a “departure from the status quo” whereby the industry will often only consider diverse audiences for specialist briefs.

It means that the planning teams will have to think about how to work with clients to make briefs more inclusive, identify gaps within a brand’s audiences and connect with more inclusive partners.

The “Inclusive Planning” initiative is being spearheaded by Claire McAlpine, joint head of social change hub, and John Beardsworth, partner.

McAlpine said: “Inclusive Planning will ensure that the work we do truly reflects the diverse population of this country, ensuring advertising is relevant and effective.

“This isn’t just something we will do in preparation for cultural events or religious celebrations, it will be embedded into the way we work across all briefs and integral to growth opportunities for our brands.”

MediaCom has set up a steering group to help roll out the initiative into the agency.

Beardsworth added: “Integral to the process is ensuring diverse voices are front and centre. A crucial part of this is working closely with cultural consultants – external people who run platforms or charities that engage audiences we don’t inherently understand.

“We will work with our consultants throughout the process, impacting everything from the brief to the creative output.”