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By Cicero & Bernay

Regional social responsibility

Over the past year, a robust study of regional CSR was conducted to identify the efforts that were being practised and where the region stands from a global perspective. The result was the first regional CSR report published, covering MENA and the GCC. C-suite executives and corporate leaders were sought out from the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, 46 per cent of whom stated that they would scale up their CSR activities in 2021.

What brought the impact of this report full circle, however, is not only the region’s growing emphasis on CSR but also the strengthened human capital that has proved to be integral at a time when nations were facing extreme challenges, driving forward the need to expand on CSR and reimagining the services that companies offer their employees and stakeholders.

Source: Cicero & Bernay & YouGov

Game changer

Firefighting 2.0

Combining digital transformation and sustainability on a journey to reduce damage on the climate, Dubai has unveiled the Middle East›s first all-electric fire truck, which is engineered to be 20 per cent faster than those deployed currently, and can reportedly cover 500 kilometres after attaining a full charge in less than a minute.

Breaking the net


In celebration of the more than 9 million vaccine doses administered in the UAE thus far, Emirates Airlines flight EK 2021 flew passengers above the skies on a circuit around the country, coasting at a much-missed altitude of 17,000 ft. This is a positive initiative that sought to commend the remarkable progress made by the national vaccination programme against Covid-19 and encourage people to #ChooseToVaccinate.


Volt were you thinking?

Reacting to an attempt at tongue-in-cheek, April Fools’ Day humour, people actually believed that Volkswagen would be renaming itself to Voltswagen in the US, and the blame is not on them but on the company for beguiling the media with a supposedly leaked press release, which in turn resulted in a PR fiasco for the company. Maybe keep the media or anyone with a wide reach out of your jokes next time?